If you enjoyed using, then it would be ideal if you’ll also consider taking part in their affiliate program as you’ll be able to enjoy this product even more, while also earning at the same time. make money affiliate

As a HotLink affiliate, you’ll enjoy a number of privileges. You could get as much as 60% on your sales, re-bills, and renewals. Every time you have convinced one of your followers, you’ll also be getting as much as 15% of sales from their website, while 5% from sales of copies of your files. Referrals are also a great way to earn, as you’ll be entitled to a 5% of earnings.

Calculating the amount, you’ll get from being an affiliate is pretty straightforward as well. Basically, the percentage of sales are usually calculated from the total purchases made, minus the commission payment intermediaries, operators, and aggregators. Then, its terms of file storage, you can store your files for up to 50 days from last download, and it would be deleted from their system after 50 days. We highly advise that you get a premium account as it doesn’t affect to terms of storage. If necessary, you can also ask for an increase in terms of file storage, and it could be for up to 100 days, or even unlimited. Available in various types of uploads, such as remote upload, FTP, and upload from browser. Likewise, you can also copy files right when you have to. However, the majority of the features are only available on premium accounts only.

How to Get Paid

HotLink offers various payment channels. You could do it through Bitcoin, Webmoney, ePayments, Capitalist, or even Paypal with just a minimum amount of $10. For Webmoney payouts, you can enjoy your earnings instantly, and funds are reflected in your wallet within a minute.

  • Enjoy as much as 100% payout commissions by referring to Hotlink.
  • Unlike other affiliate programs, we wouldn’t cap your earnings. That means you can earn as much as you can.
  • Monthly payout is guaranteed! Each month, you’ll be able to enjoy your accumulated commissions.
  • If you’re still not aware, Hotlink has been in the business for several years already, and their remarkable service has made them one of the few highly trusted service providers out there.
  • You can also easily track your earnings online, and even payout.
  • In such a case you’re experiencing any problems or being slightly confused with their affiliate program, you can easily give their customer service a call, and you’ll be guided.

Overall, Hotlink provides great opportunities for those who want to use their services and earn from it, by simply showcasing the products and services they offer. You can earn passive income every month, and all you have to do is to promote and refer clients to Hotlink. Hotlink will take care of the rest of the process– this includes payment, setting it up, customer, technical support, and so on. Also, don’t worry. Unlike other affiliate programs, you really wouldn’t have to pay even a single cent!